Communist Pledge of the Partido Comunista Mexicano, PCM

Unbreakable promise of the communist to enter

consciously, selflessly and without coercion in the

communist party:

I give my word:

To consider as my family all the communist comrades and all

those who share our doctrine not only in words, but in fact; to

fight, until exhaling the last breath, for the poor workers

and peasants; to work in the measure of strength and capacity

for the benefit of the proletariat; to defend the Soviet Power,

 its honor and its dignity with my works and by

personal example; to place the discipline of the Party

above personal convictions and interests: to fulfill completely

and unconditionally all the obligations that the Party imposes

 on me.


I force myself:

To have no compassion for the enemies of the working people or to cover them up, even if these enemies are former friends and close relatives; not to maintain friendship with the enemies of the proletariat or with anyone who thinks in a hostile way to us; to attract new disciples to the doctrine of communism; to educate family members as true communists.

I promise:

To face death with dignity and serenely, to emancipate the workers from the yoke of the oppressors; to not ask mercy from enemies; Communist Party of Mexico of the workers if I am taken prisoner  


or in combat; not to simulate before the enemy that I think of another way to obtain profit or personal advantages.


To accumulate personal wealth, money and things;

I consider denigrating gambling commerce as a means of personal gain; I consider shameful superstitions, a vestige of obscurantism and ignorance; I consider it inadmissible to classify people according to their religion, language or nationality, convinced that in the future all workers will be merged into one family.

I will pity only those who have been deceived and dragged by the enemy because of their ignorance,

and I will forgive and forget the old crimes to those who sincerely repent, come with us from the enemy camp and erase their past with works.

If I do not keep my promises consciously,

guided by the desire for profit and profit, I will be I reprobate and a miserable traitor.

This means that I have lied to myself,

to the comrades, to my conscience, And I will not be worthy of the title of communist!

On the oath to be pronounced upon entering the Party, I propose that this text, which is an excerpt from a text emerged from the masses of Russian workers upon entering the Communist Party, is collected by Elizaveta Drabkina in Black and Hard Bread. Propuesta del Camarada Ángel Chávez

Modern Lies About Socialism in Our School System

By: Comrade Johnathan for the LYC

           In 9th grade I was first exposed to communism is school. At this point I had a somewhat socialist mindset but I had never heard of Marx or Lenin. In English class we began to read a very famous anti-communist book by the name of Animal Farm by george Orwell. My teacher who is a rather objective person teach us about communism very broadly. She was objective and tried to be fair but nevertheless we watched a documentary about the Soviet Union. This documentary was more filled with lies then I could ever realize at that point in time. After that we read the book which in simple is a about a bunch of animals who over take a farm and establish a dictatorship. Throughout reading the book I never quite satisfied with its idea of communism. I decided to start reading Marxism literature and now the rest is history. Another great example is my history class in 10th grade in which I had a rather complex understanding of Marxism Leninism at this point in time. My history teacher saw me reading Lenin and had a rant on how terrible communism is. From that point on his class was rather hard on communism and completely anti objective. He even suggested that I read the gulag archipelago which is an even more of anti communist book written by Nazi sympathizer. Throughout my experience in school there are too many stories to address here due to me having no means to remember everything that was said and because it happens so much. Nevertheless my experience is one of many who see this cramming of anti communism down our throats.

               It’s no lie to say that our school system has lied about socialism and communism time and time again. In history class we are told that the Soviet Union was more brutal than hitler’s fascist regime. In economics we are told that command/ planned economy is a result of a dictatorship and leads to economic failure. Even in English class we read the fiction of George Orwell and his lies against the Soviet cause. Even worse than that many “professionals” think that schools don’t teach the horrors of communism enough and how our schools even teach communist values. Nothing can be further from the truth. Every day the school is cramming anti communist ideas into the brains of students to the point where anything other than anti communism is seen worse than that of someone who holds fascist beliefs. Though schools should stay completely objective they should not teach the false history of communism and teach all forms of political ideology fairly.

            School by its very purpose needs to be objective and yet we find schools to be one of the biggest medians for indoctrination into the “American” way of life. It would be easy for someone to blame teachers for this but this is generally a false statement. Teachers are merely listening to the state and therefore the capitalist class on what to teach. Most teachers hope for their class to be objective yet it’s not because teachers can only control so much in a classroom. Teachers have to strictly follow the curriculum leaving very little time for teaching other ideas or opinions on the topic. Some teachers try their hardest to make their classes objective while others give into the indoctrination making that class even more biased. Teachers should not and are not enemies of the communist movement and should be welcomed with open arms. They like many other Americans have be told lies and are indoctrinated into the great American lie. Many teachers in my school have a few reactions to my belief in communism. Most don’t care or would rather not get political with students. Some are directly aggressive towards communism and will usually drag the class towards that but some are open to political discussion and are very respectful and will even agree with communists on some key points. Communists shouldn’t get aggressive back to teachers or try cause political conflicts in the middle of class. This only causes a bad image of our movement and in reactionary schools may even cause harsher policies towards political beliefs.

            Usually most of the anti communist propaganda in school comes from the state’s board of education. Colorado, Utah, and any other states make up a curriculum for that given states school system to follow. Teachers and even school administrators have very little to do with what the curriculum says and teaches. Most of the people who in the school bored are not working class. Like any other part of the government it is filled with mostly of the bourgeois. Unlike the working class teachers these elites gain from schools teaching the ideology of their choosing and teaching the “evils” of communism and the “greatness” of capitalism. Even at the local levels the school administrators and local government (not big cities but small towns) tend to be petty bourgeois and enforcing this indoctrination is also in their interests. The education system is one of the most bureaucratic anti teacher beaches of the government. Some teachers mostly in big cities strake against the school system and even try to form teachers unions. Despite this teachers are one of the lowest paid professions and have little to no voice about their workplace and what they can teach.

         Now that we have addressed the why and how this indoctrination happens it is now important to address the effect this has on the students. From my experience it causes students to be aggressive towards their fellow students holding different ideologies. A good example of this is when students communist or not don’t stand for the pledge of allegiance students will try to force the student to stand up and will slap their hat off their head and start singing the star spangled banner. Of course I can’t speak for every school and my school is rather reactionary but I can say without a doubt that my school is not the only one. On the rare occasion discussion is allowed students who hold an opposing view are usually told to stop sharing their thoughts by other classmates and are harassed by some students almost on a daily basis. In my school particularly I remember in my AP world history we talked very little about the holocaust and the crimes caused by the Nazis but nearly spent a whole week “learning” the “horrors” of the Soviet Union and how democratic and peace loving the USA is. I noticed after that my fellow students treated me differently. In their mind I believed in an ideology of murder and starvation. Other comrades I know have faced open harassment from students and the school administration tends to ignore or blame the oppressed students on the problems that are being caused. To any devoted communist student still in school my advice is to not argue with students and teachers unless they want to and will take you seriously. The best thing to do is master the theory of Marxism Leninism and to study our history and to understand the schools lies. That’s not say don’t advocate but don’t waste your time with those who refuse to listen and will cause your life more trouble.

         What can be done to stop this slander of our ideology and of our history. Well the simple answer is to understand and then to educate. Those teachers and students who will listen are potentially comrades and we must spend our time with them and teaching them. When you find that a teacher is teaching these lies type them a email and be very professional. Try to ignore those who will not listen and focus on school and the study of communist theory. School should not be a communists main battle ground. School is an opportunity to read theory and to understand the true horrors of the capitalist system. Once you have graduated and go into the workforce and to college the opportunities to advocate are different and more apparent. Unfortunately the public school system is a hard place for most young communist and our ideas are ignored because of our inexperience in life and age. Advocate but make sure to use your head and not to cause unneeded conflict that only causes a bad image of our ideology.

How the PCUSA Has Improved My Life

By: O’Connell

Back in 2014, I was an ill-informed and opportunist anarcho-communist. I wanted to change the lives of the all oppressed and working people but I was skeptical of government, I aligned with the anarcho-communists only in that regard. However unlike the anarcho-communists I understood the importance of the transition state, aka socialism.

It would not be long I come in contact with the Party of Communists USA, and reached out with enthusiasm to the Secretariat. He tells me that the organization is a Marxist-Leninist (ML) organization and they hold to that line. However even despite such he still sent me an introduction package with ML literature, which, after taking the time to read, I started questioning and opposing my previous position as a anarcho-communist. As the Secretariat sent me more literature, and I took the time to study ML stances on my own, I soon started transitioning to becoming a Marxist-Leninist. I did what I did before, before I became a anarcho-communist, I spent probably close to 5 months just studying ML ideology, and sooner or later, I became a firm ML cadre member of the party. During this period I was also teaching two other friends of mine who basically labeled me their teacher, after a year they became a ML just like me. Now they organize alongside me.

After so long I continued to grow my knowledge and Marxist library, I started getting involved in commissions in my party and trying to produce for it what I could and do what I could to see it advanced. Truly I have watched the PCUSA grow to a strong, well principled cadre organization.

Now, today, I am part of its leadership and organizing activists seeking to not only strengthen it but push it forward as our political demographics in America change from the average centrist position. To make the PCUSA the leading anti-imperialist, anti-revisionist, Marxist-Leninist vanguard for the working class and oppressed people of America.

Now that I have explained my story, how do I know my party is on the right path, that it is principled and firm to its theory, that it takes care of its members and helps them learn and builds dedication in the cadre to the movement?

Because I am an example of it.

Leftist Guide to Protection from Anti-Communist / White Supremacist Violence

What deciding factors make protection and self-defense for leftists the most important?
• Local political demographics
• Size of city/town
• If there is other leftist organizations in the local area

If a lone leftist or small club of leftist live in either a dominantly conservative region, or in a place where conservative and liberal influence is equal, the subject of protection is at the highest importance.

If a lone leftist or small club of leftists live in a small town of a few hundred people, this could be a call to needing protection, depending on the political demographics.

If there is two or more leftist organizations in your general region, protection isn’t as much of an importance as long as leftist comrades stick to a squad of trusted leftist comrades.

Basic tips to help increase protection:
• Use a fake surname in case of hostile enemies finding your home or family’s home.
• Keep personal and political life separate.
• When outside of your home, always keep watch over your surroundings.

For leftist organizations:
Leftist organizations need to put a heavy focus in to protection and self-defense. Leftist organizations when out at rallies, must pull an old tactic from history, when the communist party use to have “Marshall’s” watching over their rally. Marshall’s being comrades dressed as regular civilians, who are either carrying or have quick access to a weapon, who would sit outside a rally. They would watch over the rally from the sidewalk in order to keep eyes out for right-wing extremists, or violent anti-communists. Being hidden among the crowd would make them unknown to the hostile opponent who would seek to harm those in the rally. This would ensure the safety of the comrades.

For the leftist organizations, the formation of a protection unit for comrades at a protest, strike, or rally, is the most important thing for the safety of our comrades in a reactionary society.

Those who are in such a protection unit must be well trained with a gun, legally carrying, and know basic hand to hand combat. They must also know how to use mace in times of less extreme confrontation.

For small leftist clubs:
Small leftist clubs, be it a club of 3 or 15 people, the subject of a protection unit isn’t assigned to a few specific comrades, but must be the majority of the club, if not the entire club.

Small clubs are very vulnerable and easy to be outnumbered by violent anti-communist and/or white supremacists. Thus, all within the small club must work together to learn how to protect themselves and their comrades. Subject like hand to hand combat must be learned. A workout plan for the club to put itself in shape. Possible gun training (If the club is of people over 18.) How to keep watchful eye over each others surroundings. It is also important to notice the body language of a hostile individual, watch his/her body language to make sure they aren’t going to reach for a weapon, or if they aren’t going to start punching, or otherwise. Doing this you can also mentally process if the individual has a bulged out section under the shirt, indicating the presence of a gun or knife.

For lone leftists:
For leftists who are basically by themselves with no club nor leftist comrades, it is important they find the best option to protect themselves from hostile violence. The best course of action for leftists who are by themselves in a hostile reactionary region, is to look for whatever someone left leaning organization is in their vicinity and try to form friends with their local members. This and/or seeking their family or best friends, people they can trust, to form a squad with. A protection unit of not really leftists, but trusted allies. It is also important not to leave by yourself without some kind of weapon for protection. Be it knife of gun (legally owned.)

The real enemy:
Many young people in the United States think that the main problem today is the fight between the growing ultraright and racist movements versus people with leftist politics. There are many questionable groups that create counterproductive situations. We urge leftists to study the events they are attending and all groups that are participating. Our goal is to bring socialism, to build a strong labor movement, a strong youth movement, and we must champion peace, respect and self-defense in these troubling times.

On Party Commissions

By Comrade O’Connell

Party commissions serve the purpose of building bodies within the party to appropriately deal with issues that effect the national, or international working class. Such being for example the LGBT+ commission to address the issues of homophobia, transphobia, etc. within the working class, to lead a LGBT+ movement of communist workers, to fight such forms of oppression and discrimination. The same is said with the oppressed minorities commission, the women’s rights commission, etc. The commissions built by the party should serve as movements within the main party, the communist party, who unites all workers in the struggle against capitalism; which has kept such groups as previously mentioned, in bondage to sell their labor for the profit of a small group, and who said group profits off the suffering and desperation of such oppressed minorities within the working class.

As Lenin said in “The Emancipation of Women”

“The communist women’s movement must itself be a mass movement, a part of the general mass movement.”

These commissions serve a powerful body within the party to lead a united strike against issues that assault our working class brothers and sisters, to fight against the racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. that is created and promoted by capitalism to keep us divided. They are movements that are intertwined with the main party, with the common goal of liberation for all workers. Women liberation, black liberation, LGBT+ liberation, all will be reached with a united liberation movement under the red banner of socialism.

LYCUSA and PPP Youth Joint Statement Honoring Rachel Corrie

3/19/2017 – The League of Young Communists USA (LYCUSA) and the Palestinian People’s Party Youth (PPP Youth) issue a joint statement honoring Rachel Corrie.

Rachel Corrie was a young American human rights activist who dedicated her life to supporting the Palestinian people. She was active in defending Palestinian families who were being forced out of their homes by physical force from the Israeli military. Rachel Corrie was murdered by the Israeli military when she was struck by an armored bulldozer in Rafah, Palestine, Sunday, March 16, 2003. Rachel Corrie’s murder is a criminal act which shows the total disdain for human life by the state of Israel.

The LYCUSA and the PPP Youth honor Rachel Corrie. Her dedication and her work are not forgotten. Rachel Corrie lives on, and the Palestinian people will not forget her contribution and sacrifice.

CC of the LYCUSA
CC of the PPP Youth

A Way Forward: The Vanguard for LGBT+ Liberation

A Way Forward: The Vanguard for LGBT+ Liberation

By Comrade Tamber

In today’s world, many of us are familiar with the idea that becoming comfortable with oneself can be a rather difficult experience. What’s more, when one finally reaches a plane of fullness in who they are and are able to proclaim it loudly from the peaks for all to hear, one must then contend with the thoughts and opinions of others. Most of these “others” are people who don’t know you, understand you, nor have ever bothered to understand integral portions of what it is that makes you, you. This normally wouldn’t be such a big deal for most, but for many, this comes with the potential for danger, a potential only too familiar for those whose proclamation of identity can give way to something fatal.

Many will not know to what I refer, or perhaps couldn’t imagine a scenario in which being “out” with one’s identity might become an issue so bad that they could lose their life for it. Of course, this scenario could apply to a variety of people, but I specifically speak of the trans community here.

I am a trans woman. I came out late in life, already married and the parent of two children. My experience with coming out was interesting, to say the least, but I fully acknowledge that it could have gone much, much, worse: my wife was fully supportive, my friends had nothing but encouragement to give, and with the exception of my parents, those who took exception remained silent, or quietly removed themselves from my social media circles. However, my story here is not indicative of the average. All too often, trans people lose everything; their family, friends, and their jobs.

It doesn’t stop there, either. On top of all this, a trans person who expresses themselves the way they wish becomes a greater target for harassment, and it is not uncommon that this ends in death. Trans people are murdered or commit suicide at alarmingly high rates simply because they don’t fit society’s standard for what is “feminine” or “masculine”. In a lot of places, including where I live, a trans person seeking to use the bathroom closest to their gender identity is literally taking their life into their own hands if they don’t look enough like a “woman” or “man”. Reports abound of bombs being tossed into the women’s room, or even women assigned female at birth being cuffed and removed from the restroom for not looking “woman” enough.

Some of this is an every day reality for me. I don’t look “traditionally feminine” and I don’t possess the means to changes that. I must second guess everything that I’d like to wear. I must have the means to conceal what would be a give away to my identity in certain places. I can never use the restroom in public or else use the one with which I am least comfortable. And all of this is my reality because it is not unlikely that I will be beaten, arrested, or even killed.

I’ve had to often hide my identity and use my “deadname” (the name I was given at birth) among my wife’s coworkers, or in an interview. I have had to respond and keep silent when the wrong pronouns are used on me. When you do not know who is hostile toward you, sometimes the fear overrides the desire to be oneself. And though it may not seem like that big of a deal to most, it is a kind of erasure that only lends to the high rate of depression among trans people.

We in the trans community, and the broader LGBTQIA+ community, experience these kinds of things, and more, with regularity. We all wish to see the harassment end, the suicide rate to dwindle into nothing, and never have to fear due to our identities again. But this is a long fight, and if we wish to see it permanently end, we must take the right path.

There are many organizations out there who are committed to not just trans rights, but LGBTQIA+ rights in general. Many who march, make petitions, try to mobilize the vote, educate, etc. Their work is often good work, with the kind of goals that communists themselves should, and must, commit to.  But this cannot be the only work that is done. What these specific identity groups do is treat the symptoms of the problem, hardly ever coming to recognize the problem itself. Without doing so, every step of progress these groups make is ephemeral, impermanent. Any hard-won ground can be easily taken away.

One can see that this is the case by simply considering the kinds of people that now fill the positions of power in the United States government  It will not be long before the likes of the Vice President, whose support for massively debunked and highly unethical “conversion therapy” is no secret, turns the legislative tools of a bourgeois government on all the progress made these last eight years, and longer.

We in the trans community, and the larger LGBTQIA+ community, need to come to the conclusion that the capitalist system itself is the problem, and that none of our problems will be permanently solved so long as the system remains in place. The capitalist system will maintain itself as it always has, defending itself for whom it was originally conceived: the white, Christian, propertied man. Any deviation from this norm will always have to battle to get a seat at the table, and will only be granted what does not threaten the status quo.

Therefore, we must come to know an intersectional and revolutionary science bent on upending the system in its entirety. We must make our cause the cause of women, people of color, indigenous people, our other LGBTQIA+ comrades, and of the working class. In fact, every group I just listed has one thing in common: they are overwhelmingly impoverished and/or working class.  We must make common cause with our struggles.

This is not to suggest that we should put our struggles as trans people to the side, like so many class reductionists request we do. No, this is coming to realize that our struggle is permanently intertwined with the struggle of the working class and all the other groups that suffer at the hands of colonial imperialist capitalism, and only together can we all know emancipation from our struggles.

But not just any so-called “revolutionary” approach will do. Some are better than others. Ultra lefts will always fight against organization, preferring to the spontaneity of riots and piggy backing on liberal movements. Can we afford to leave our struggle in the hands of those who refuse to organize in a meaningful way? Can we leave our struggle in the hands of ultra lefts, many of whom request we await some far off day in the future when the whole world is ready for spontaneous and simultaneous revolution? Can we leave our struggle to those whose very foundation is idealism, presenting no concrete plan forward, no material analysis with which we can work?

Absolutely not.

We must then come to recognize that we require an approach with a material and scientific basis in bringing about the significant change we require. We must grasp with both hands an ideology that possesses a track record of success, and we must come to know it thoroughly. We must align with the science that says we can have the changes we need here and now, given the right preparation and conditions, not some idealism that calls for a far off day.

LGBTQIA+ comrades: I suggest that such a revolutionary science exists, and that is the science of Marxism-Leninism. I also believe that of all the parties in the United States who claim to be committed to Marxism-Leninism, none is more correct, or more true to the science than the Party of Communists USA and its attendant organizations such as the League of Young Communists USA. No science and no organization will better work toward the conditions with which we can free ourselves from these toxic capitalist relations and oppression than they will.

If we ever wish to see an end to that which ails us, we must commit ourselves to the Party of Communists USA. If we ever seek to use the restroom of our identity and never worry that that will result in our death, or have our basic rights be recognized as permanent and inalienable, then we must unite beneath the banner of the Vanguard and fight for socialism-communism. We have to come together with a correct revolutionary science in the right organization, and this is it.

I hope to see all of you, my LGBTQIA+ comrades in good health and in safety, and I hope that you will all consider joining the Party of Communists USA or League of Young Communists USA to help us work toward a brighter future not only for us, but for everybody.


Za Stalina! ¡Viva el Camarada Stalin!

Por Arturo Gámiz Garcia

En Índice, Chihuahua, 25 de enero de 1964, p 2 y 6.

Hace 84 años, el 21 de diciembre de 1879, en el ambiente de privaciones de la época del zarismo, nació IOSIF VISIARIONOVICH STALIN, hijo de un zapatero una obrera, primero estudió en el seminario de Gori y después en el Tiflis. Dicen de él sus coterráneos: “Estudiábamos las lecciones pero no se nos escapaba que tras los muros de la escuela existía otro mundo…A Iosif le dejaron de interesar las lecciones, estudiaba nada mas para obtener una calificación regular, para pasar los exámenes … comenzó a interesarse por los problemas económicos y sociales… Cada uno terminaba el Colegio con el pensamiento: “Voy a ser útil a mi Patria” pero nadie se imaginaba concretamente en que iba a consistir esa utilidad… (Stalin) salió del Seminario sin diploma pero con un concepto firme y definido sobre la vida, sabía que era necesario destruirla y rehacerla… trataba con frecuencia a los campesinos y conversaba con  ellos… “

Este trato con los pobres, la desigualdad y la miseria que veía a su alrededor y el severo sistema disciplinario del Seminario, fomentaron su rebeldía.

A la edad de 15 años inicia su vida de revolucionario profesional. En el Seminario organizó círculos de estudios, se relacionó con los grupos de obreros marxistas y a ellos consagró toda su existencia grandiosa y ejemplar. Fundó numerosos círculos obreros, dirige las huelgas y las manifestaciones, organiza la prensa clandestina, distribuye periódicos y propaganda a todas las fábricas. Stalin es el organizador y el propagandista más grande que ha tenido el movimiento obrero internacional.

Stalin convivió siempre con los obreros por ello no simplemente conocía sino que además, vivía sus problemas. Les explicaba con gran sencillez las causas de su miseria y la forma de redimirse, les indicaba certeramente como encausar su acción… Sufrió numerosos encarcelamientos y destierros de los cuales volvía siempre cuando la lucha lo necesitaba.

Stalin tuvo una participación muy destacada en la preparación y dirección de la insurrección armada que dio el poder a los bolcheviques. Cuantas veces el naciente Estado soviético tuvo la vida en peligro por las intervenciones extranjeras o por asonadas de “gusanos” Stalin le salvó la vida aniquilando a los enemigos con habilidad y rapidez sorprendente. Bajo la dirección de Stalin se construyó el primer Estado socialista, bajo su dirección se salvó la URSS de la traidora agresión fascista, bajo su dirección la URSS se convirtió en la segunda potencia mundial.

Stalin odiaba profundamente a los enemigos del pueblo, lucho sin cuartel contra todas las facciones y contra los espías y saboteadores al servicio de los imperialistas. En 1933-36 promovió una depuración en el P.C.U.S. de la cual él mismo reconoció: “desgraciadamente hubo más errores de lo que se podía suponer… no hemos de emplear más el método de depuración en masa. Pero la depuración era, no obstante, inevitable y en lo fundamental dio resultados positivos” en esa misma época ordenó la muerte de varios espías y saboteadores imperialistas de ahí que en occidente se hable los “crímenes de Stalin” y que los revisionistas de moda hablen de los “excesos” y métodos incorrectos del stalinismo, ya que unos y otros, capitalista y revisionistas, hubieran querido que se dejara de actuar impunemente a sus agentes y aliados, para destruir el socialismo y reponer el capitalismo o que, una vez descubiertos, se les tratará con toda suavidad y delicadeza. Con los enemigos del pueblo es preferible pecar por exceso de energía.

La aportación de Stalin a la doctrina del proletariado es muy importante aunque deficientemente estudiada en nuestros medios políticos.

Las calumnias no podrán desaparecer sus grandes méritos, Stalin sigue siendo uno de los mejores guías que ha tenido el proletariado y uno de los mejores ejemplos para la juventud.

Su odio a los explotadores del pueblo así como su amor a la clase obrera no puede ser fácilmente igualado, dijo, a raíz de la muerte de Lenin: “Nosotros los comunistas somos hombres de un temple especial. Estamos hechos de una traza especial… No hay nada superior al título de miembro del partido cuyo fundador y jefe es el camarada Lenin…” y sus siempre estuvieron en consonancia con ese juramento. Su abnegación por la causa de la revolución esta muy por encima de las calumnias de los revisionistas que ven en él y en sus tesis una luz brillante que ahuyenta las tinieblas que necesitan para su labor de zapa y de traición.

Za Stalina! ¡Viva el Camarada Stalin!

CC de la LYCUSA febrero, 2017

The PCUSA and the LYCUSA shall lead the fight for LGBTQ Rights

The PCUSA and the LYCUSA shall lead the fight for LGBTQ Rights

By Comrade Amy Sorel King

My struggles of being a Transwoman come from the oppression by the bourgeois religions that control most shelters in Stockton, CA. Most times I cannot even get a good job because businesses see most Transwomen as men dressing ridiculous or embarrassing. What I also experience is how Transwomen are targeted more for rape and murder, mostly by Gangs and other homeless people (those who have gotten out of jail/prison).

It is hard for me as a Transwoman in difficult living conditions.

The shelter oppression here in Stockton will not place Transwomen in the protection of the women’s shelter. Instead, we are put in the homeless men’s shelter where murder, rape and worse etc. occur; I have experienced some of these things on occasion. Most Transwomen I have met had to prostitute just to survive because jobs discriminate towards them.

We need to fight for a socialist revolution and bring true rights for not just transFolks but the entire LGBTQ.

We need to separate the church and the system that brings about the real oppression against the LGBTQ. Equality starts with true liberation of the oppressed and I mean all of the oppressed. The PCUSA shall be the Party that leads this fight.

Confusion and the Need for a Communist Program

Confusion and the Need for a Communist Program

By Comrade Justin J.

For the past 35 years, neoliberal capitalism has wreaked havoc throughout the world, and in the United States has meant the loss of good-paying jobs along with declining living conditions. Not to mention the constant state of war the world seems to be in. It’s almost been accepted that the human race is a “war-like species”, in order to justify this type of world. The working class has of course felt the burden of the situation while the ruling 1% continues to grow richer and more powerful.

As a result, the open corruption of government has been exposed time and time again, with career politicians becoming lobbyists after serving their term. Some even serving on corporate boards for companies like Wal-Mart and Exxon Mobil. The flagrant anti-worker legislation that seems to fly from the halls of congress and state legislatures is carefully constructed by such corporations, and the assault on workers living standards never seems to end. And let’s make no mistake about it: they will not end under capitalism. No matter who is elected, no matter which party is in charge, this situation can only worsen until the working class assumes power. Karl Marx correctly theorized that the fundamental contradiction in the capitalist mode of production is between capital and labor. What’s good for the capitalist will always be at the expense of the worker.

With this being said, workers in the US seemingly realize something is amiss. They work, save money, go to school, pay their taxes, yet despite doing everything “right”, they still struggle to get by. And now they are asking questions. Why is this happening? Do I work hard enough? Do I just not deserve a better life than my parents? Do I deserve debt? Who’s fault is this? Perhaps the rich? Perhaps the poor? Immigrants? People receiving government assistance?

You see, without a pro-worker Communist political program, the working class remains in a state of confusion. This is where we are in 2017. Some workers continue to vote for Republicans and Democrats, in hope that something might shake up the system that is so obviously broken. Although most do not harbor such illusions and choose not to vote. It should be noted that in the 2016 presidential election, polls indicated that a sizeable number of Donald Trump voters wanted someone who would “shake up Washington” and make “change”. This was also the overwhelming sentiment during the 2008 election of Barack Obama, whose campaign was built around “Hope” and “Change”.

Unfortunately for those voters, this change will not occur. The same lobbyists and CEOs will surround the new Senators, Representatives, and the President.

So what do we do?

We fight back with a real program for the working class. Where the principles of Marxism-Leninism and democracy are placed before anything or anyone else. Where people are placed before profits, the environment is protected, the workplaces are controlled democratically by workers, and things like health care and education are considered human rights rather than privileges for the wealthy.

This program can be found in the Party of Communists USA as well as it’s youth branch, the League of Young Communists. We are a party dedicated to revolutionary change that goes beyond empty words. It’s present in everything we do, every discussion, every meeting, and the way we conduct our activities.
As a current member of the party, I encourage all of those reading to look into the PCUSA, specifically if you’re feeling this same confusion that many feel right now. Examine what you can do to bring capitalism to it’s knees for good, and to take power away from those who make your life (and the lives of millions of others) so difficult. Our membership is growing, our party is open for anyone to join, and I sincerely hope to hear from you, so that you’ll be known as our comrade.