Press Release of Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) Odigitis Festival

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On Saturday the huge awe-inspiring political gathering was addressed by the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas and greeted by the Secretary of the CC of the KNE, Nikos Abatiellos, as well as by the Palestinian activist, Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year old activist who was held for eight months this year in Israeli prisons, who became a symbol of the struggle of the Palestinian people against the criminal Israeli occupation, who participated in the Festival, invited by the KNE.

In her greeting, Ahed Tamimi stated:

“I greet all of you here at the Festival. I want to thank all of you for the immense support you have given towards the Palestinian cause. I thank you for your powerful moral stance that gives great strength to our struggle.

First of all, I would like to congratulate the KKE on its 100 years of action and the 50 years of the KNE. We always say that we gather strength from the strength and support that you give us; however, we don’t consider you only as supporters of our cause but as partners in the struggle and in our struggle.

Despite the suffering that each Palestinian undergoes every day, we don’t view ourselves as victims, but as fighters for freedom and the cause. We always say that the peoples and our people can achieve change and can bring the struggle to fruition; for this, free people all over the world must join together to put an end to exploitation, capitalism and colonialism and to end imperialism.

We thank everyone for the support you have given us. Your stance means a lot to us and gives me great strength to return to my homeland, to my country and to continue the struggle against colonialism.

In closing, I would like to say that we come from the land of peace, from Palestine, which at no time had peace. If there is no peace in Palestine, there will be no peace ever in the world.

All of the governments that support Israel support it because of their capitalist interests and we must all unite against colonialism and capitalism that is the reason and the cause for all of the suffering of the world. Thank you all for your support!”

The Secretary of the CC of the KNE, N. Abatiellos commented, among other things on the action of the KNE: “We erect obstacles EVERYWHERE against the effort of the system and its parties to deceive the youth. These efforts will strengthen. We lead the way everywhere in order to reveal the false hopes the government and the other parties are sowing; we take the lead in order to create spots of resistance against the anti-people policies, collective struggles for the contemporary needs of the youth. To strengthen the anti-capitalist struggle with the participation, the liveliness, the militancy of the youth of working-popular families…. With a strong workers’ movement, with a more powerful social alliance, our generation can be the generation of overthrows! (…) Together with the KNE and the KKE, the youth can become stronger, to struggle for a life with real freedom, to satisfy their contemporary needs.

Towards this effort we have powerful weapons. The contemporary revolutionary strategy of the KKE, its estimations and conclusions drawn from a century of History, full of struggles, sacrifices, confrontations with the bourgeois class, the state and its mechanisms. We have the forcefulness of the 50-year course of the KNE that is the youthful charge on the future, for a new world, for socialism – communism. We are optimistic. We are certain and decided.”

Announcment of Bureau of CC of KNE, about the succesful Festival 100 years KKE-50 years KNE

Communist Pledge of the Partido Comunista Mexicano, PCM

Unbreakable promise of the communist to enter

consciously, selflessly and without coercion in the

communist party:

I give my word:

To consider as my family all the communist comrades and all

those who share our doctrine not only in words, but in fact; to

fight, until exhaling the last breath, for the poor workers

and peasants; to work in the measure of strength and capacity

for the benefit of the proletariat; to defend the Soviet Power,

 its honor and its dignity with my works and by

personal example; to place the discipline of the Party

above personal convictions and interests: to fulfill completely

and unconditionally all the obligations that the Party imposes

 on me.


I force myself:

To have no compassion for the enemies of the working people or to cover them up, even if these enemies are former friends and close relatives; not to maintain friendship with the enemies of the proletariat or with anyone who thinks in a hostile way to us; to attract new disciples to the doctrine of communism; to educate family members as true communists.

I promise:

To face death with dignity and serenely, to emancipate the workers from the yoke of the oppressors; to not ask mercy from enemies; Communist Party of Mexico of the workers if I am taken prisoner  


or in combat; not to simulate before the enemy that I think of another way to obtain profit or personal advantages.


To accumulate personal wealth, money and things;

I consider denigrating gambling commerce as a means of personal gain; I consider shameful superstitions, a vestige of obscurantism and ignorance; I consider it inadmissible to classify people according to their religion, language or nationality, convinced that in the future all workers will be merged into one family.

I will pity only those who have been deceived and dragged by the enemy because of their ignorance,

and I will forgive and forget the old crimes to those who sincerely repent, come with us from the enemy camp and erase their past with works.

If I do not keep my promises consciously,

guided by the desire for profit and profit, I will be I reprobate and a miserable traitor.

This means that I have lied to myself,

to the comrades, to my conscience, And I will not be worthy of the title of communist!

On the oath to be pronounced upon entering the Party, I propose that this text, which is an excerpt from a text emerged from the masses of Russian workers upon entering the Communist Party, is collected by Elizaveta Drabkina in Black and Hard Bread. Propuesta del Camarada Ángel Chávez

May Day Greetings 2018

May Day Greetings from the League of Young Communists USA – Party of Communists USA

California – New York – New Jersey – Alabama – Colorado – Massachusetts – Maryland – Texas – Florida – North Carolina – Washington – Indiana – Arizona – Oregon – Georgia – Minnesota – Pennsylvania – Oklahoma

The World Federation of Democratic Youth, calls on its members to commemorate the “1st of May / Labor Day”. 132 WFDY honours Chicago’s first martyrs, holding on the same time their ideas and the purpose of their sacrifice, where they remain alive, enhancing the unity of the today’s workers in the struggle for work with rights, peace and social justice.

The struggle and the deaths of Chicago were followed by other struggles; in every corner of the world, the working class fought, struggled and sacrificed even in circumstances where, beyond class oppression, it was also facing the colonial oppression.

The struggle of young people and workers today at the global level is called to challenge the intensification of imperialist barbarity with wars and foreign interventions, at the same time that is threatening and destabilizing peace. The exploitation of peoples is also intensified with the capital aggression against the workers’ and the youth anti-imperialist movement becoming even bigger.

Furthermore, conservative, neo-liberal and anti-labour policies continue to push the peoples towards poverty and impoverishment. Precariousness dominates young people and the workers where they face unemployment and labour exploitation and they see the dissolution of their acquired rights. At the same time, young people and workers around the world are deeply concerned with the new wave of aggression manifested by the United States and their NATO allies. This new wave of attacks is the continuation of NATO’s imperialist policy, which is aiming at exploiting the natural resources of independent and sovereign states, as well as the control of new markets. The most recent examples of imperialist aggression concern the missile attacks against Syria (April 14, 2018), as well as the ongoing violence and murders against Palestinian children and civilians by the Israeli troops.

Therefore, on this honourable day of struggles and demonstrations, WFDY sends the message of unity and solidarity to all the progressive and democratic young people of the world, inviting them to go forward united with the workers and the popular strata. To intensify their anti-imperialist struggle through the organized struggle, since the future and the wellbeing of peoples, is incompatible with this unfair and exploitative system.

Long Live the anit-imperialist struggle!

Long Live the 1st of May!

On Behalf of WFDY

The HQ

US Guatemalan Coup: Unjust evil, then and now

Why did the US invade and overthrow Guatemala in 1954?


The United Fruit Company (now Chiquita) faced serious trouble when a revolution in Guatemala replaced pro-US military strongmen by a liberal democracy.

According to the “Sub Committee of Communist Aggression,” Guatemala had been taken over by Communists, “on the direct orders of the Kremlin.” The Soviet Union had no control of any foreign country, but the completely made up justification used by the US was good enough ammunition during the opening phases of the Cold War.

Because the Guatemalan people chose not to be controlled by the US, their country was invaded by military force and for forty years series of brutal military dictatorships was to cause economic strife, genocide, and political turmoil in the country.

The Committee on Communist Aggression testified to US Congress that the 100 Communists in Guatemala were sent fleeing after the military intervention campaign, and that the new “President” Castillo would receive a $6.5 million US development program (1954 dollars).

However, according to the US committee, the Communist conquest of Guatemala, a conspiracy concocted in the very halls of the Kremlin itself, was still continuing, as two Communists were still active in Guatemala, “. . . there were only two men in the entire country who today can be indentified as active Communists, Jorge Garcia Granados and Enrique Munoz Meany.” p. 3

However, most dangerous in Guatemala was, “Also from Chile. . . Virginia Bravo Letilier, a well-known woman Communist, who is now directing propaganda activities from East Berlin.” (p. 4) Nothing more dangerous to a country than a “woman Communist,” note the language used to degrade a human being to an animal or object!

“No group spoke as loudly or as frequently as did the Communists for higher wages, better working conditions, more education, land redistribution, and better standards of living.” p. 8

Ending the document, the Committee justifies the US invasion of a sovereign nation:
“If the United States would Assist Latin America . . . their governments would soon be able to maintain reasonably safe standards of living for their people and to hold out to them hope for continuing progress.” And that, “Even more important, the Latin American Governments would then be able to offer their people a real incentive for maintaining democratic institutions.” p. 20

Looking back sixty years, it is without doubt that the Guatemalan people look back at the US invasion as a historic event which “held out hope for continuing progress” and “maintained the democratic institution.”

The truth is the US invasion was unjust evil, then and now.

Resolution of Solidarity with Comrade Alexander Batov Published

Anti-Communism is weapon of the capitalist system – It will not pass!

We, 27 Communist Youth Organizations from all over the world, sign the following resolution:

We condemn the arrest and detention of comrade Alexander Batov, a member of the Secretariat of the CC of the Communist Workers’ Party of Russia and representative of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Union (bolsheviks) (also known as RKSMb) at the National Preparatory Committee of Russia for the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students.

Comrade Batov was arrested on 9th May, day of the Anti-fascist Victory of the peoples, with the falsified accusation of “civil disobedience”, in fact for distributing the RCWP’s leaflet about the actual content of the day, revealing the attempt to defame the content of this anniversary by today’s Russian authorities. He was sentenced to seven days’ imprisonment and after his release he has been receiving a series of threats in order to stop any political activity.

These acts, attacks and threats against the free political action of the Communists show the fear of the bourgeois governments of all states in front of the power of the Communists. For us, the young communists from all over the world, these actions result to the strengthening of our steadfastness and will to continue with greater determination our struggle against capitalism, for socialism-communism.

Anti-Communism will not pass! We express our solidarity with RCWP and RCYL (b) and we demand all persecutions to stop immediately.

Signed by the following Communist Youth Organizations:

1. Communist Youth “Qemal Stafa” of Albania
2. Communist Youth of Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism (PADS)
3. Young Communist League of Armenia
4. Union of Communist Youth, UJC – Brazil
5. Advancing Communist Youth, JCA – Brazil
6. Young Communist League, YCL-LJC – Canada
7. Young Socialists of the Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
8. Communist Youth Union, KSM – Czech Republic
9. Socialist German Workers Youth, SDAJ
10. Communist Youth of Greece, KNE
11. Workers Party Youth, WPY – Ireland
12. Front of Communist Youth – Italy
13. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
14. Federation of Young Communists, FJC – Mexico
15. Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands, CJB
16. Communist Youth of Pakistan
17. Democratic Students Federation of Pakistan, DSF
18. Communist Youth of Palestine
19. Peruvian Communist Youth, JCP
20. Youth of the Communist Party of Poland
21. Young Communist League of Yugoslavia, SKOJ – Serbia
22. Collectives of Young Communists, CJC – Spain
23. Revolutionary Communist Youth, RKU – Sweden
24. Communist Youth of Turkey, TKG
25. Leninist Communist Youth Union of Ukraine, LKSMU
26. League of Young Communists of USA, LYC USA
27. Communist Youth of Venezuela, JCV – A website dedicated to the 1917 October Socialist Revolution

Encouraged by the 13th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organisations held in Istanbul on 24-26 February 2017, the website has been prepared in order to inform the world’s youth about the political activities honouring the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolutionin many countries of Europe. By publishing the events and manifestation of the contributory European Communist Youth Organisations, we are to strengthen our common struggle.

We call the youth to hold high the flag of October and to join the struggle for socialism.